New Jersey Appliance Repair Technician Recognized for Top-notch Performance in the Home Service Arena

Appliance Master®, Bill Cummins, gets the choice standing of Certified Service Manager, the finest achievement of regard awarded by the PSA

Bill Cummins, owner of Appliance Master® of Central New Jersey, has taken and passed a comprehensive exam that determines his standard of skill in customer relations, administrative strategies and his qualification to properly regulate workers as he gives them the advice and direction they need to shine in the appliance service profession.

The Certified Service Manager status is the optimum available level of honor for supervising capabilities granted by the independent service business and the local appliance repair provider is pleased to be among those who have accomplished this exclusive position.

Service administrators like the Appliance Master® who take the effort to hold the high level of excellence needed to become a Certified Service Manager take pride in their abilities and deserve to be recognized by their profession.

Certification is strictly voluntary and only those Jersey appliance repair specialists who display outstanding service management capabilities will attempt the intense testing system.

The Professional Service Association (PSA) is a non-profit Trade Association that represents independent appliance repair providers and electronic service establishments. The Certification regimens developed by PSA are meant to forge pride and supremacy to make a positive difference in the home service industry. Appliance Master® is a premier appliance service provider in Central New Jersey, Princeton, Washington, Flemington and surrounding cities and communities.